Works from this gallery are available to rent as legally cleared ART.


Every image is an original work by Thomas Hudson Reeve, and is fully owned by Kat Caverly Enterprises. (Husband, wife, & partners too) Kat is experienced with copyright law and licensing agreements.  We make that part easy.


We understand the needs of the film business.

Tom has been dressing sets for 30 years and Tom and Kat are both long time photographers who are familiar with the new digital tools. Kat in particular is expert in the digital darkroom and computer graphics production. Her knowledge of image manipulation and management, and her experience with Internet navigation and file sharing gives us the ability to give you images in the correct size and resolution in a timely way.


We can size images to fit the room you are decorating.

We can sepia age, de-saturate, or otherwise alter our images to suit the need.

We can “rent” ART that you are allowed to damage or destroy if called for.

We can make high quality prints ourselves, or

We can provide a printer ready image file for download.

We can work fast in a pinch.


We offer a surprising variety from one source.

Tom has been making interesting photographs for decades and has explored a wide range of styles over the years. Some are classical in technique, and others are quite experimental.  His ongoing interest in abstraction and fractal dimension makes for many pictures that look more like paintings than photographs, and when scaled properly they hold up well as large images. And there is more coming, especially old film negatives still being scanned.


For terms and services please have a chat with Kat.

She will administer this service and manage the business.

Just send an email to Kat will get back to you same day.


But first enjoy the Gallery.


Photos by Thomas Hudson Reeve

Film industry art department professionals seeking legally clear ART to rent for set decoration or

graphic design applications are invited to peruse the contact page to see what we can do.

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